Chocolate Chip Scones | Or the Day the Ice Storm Hit the South

Perfect Scones for Hosting

It has been a weird winter.
Actually that is a bit too mild.
Somewhere along the way I saw a meme that asked who upset Elsa?
That does about define it.

An unexpected ice storm blew through here.
Ice is hard on the South.
We don’t know how to drive, prepare, or plan for ice. Because we never get enough of it to worry about it.

But this year there was enough ice to push down all of the bushes and even smaller trees behind our house. Branches, bushes, and even trees fell with loud crashes. Some of them falling on houses. Many of them falling on power lines, knocking out power for 30,000+ people in our county.

That included almost everyone we knew (except us, we were very blessed for our power to only flicker but never fully go out). Including my sister and brother-in-law and their two little ones. Certainly too little to stay overnight without heat. So we had an emergency sleep over.

It was fun, and also a bit tiring since our daughter and their son revved each other up. 🙂

For some reason there is nothing like serving scones as a hostess to guests. My brother-in-law said, “Scones, that’s pretty fancy, huh?”

“Nah!” I replied, “My friend who first served me scones says they are the Northern version of muffins.” Definitely almost-elegant comfort food; perfect for an ice-day.

In fact perhaps it’s my friend who introduced me to scones that make scones seem so perfect to me. She is such a generous, fun, creative, wonderful person. And she made scones (and I had the same thought: fancy!) but she served them casually and with warmth.

So to me scones definitely equal semi-elegant yet still casual and warm. Perfect for hostessing.

And these amazing Chocolate Chip Scones (recipe from Sugar Winzy) were amazing. I used the heavy cream version, and that is definitely what I would stick with. Because heavy cream > milk in baked goods any day. 🙂

So definitely take the time to check out the recipe here (and make sure you use heavy cream of course) the next time you need to welcome guest with something warm on a cold day. 🙂

Chocolate Chip Breakfast Scones
Breakfast Scones
Scones for Breakfast